8 September 2016 – In response to popular demand, Arnott’s announces today that Australia’s beloved Original Pizza Shapes will return to supermarket shelves this September.

A spokesperson for Arnott’s said: “Since the launch of the New Shapes flavours, we’ve been listening to feedback. Aussies have clearly shown us the love they have for Original Pizza Shapes and we’re happy to announce the product will be returning to shelves over the coming weeks. We’ve been humbled by Australia’s passion for Shapes and would like to thank our fans for their patience. We hope to now have the best Shapes range for Shapes-lovers old and new.”

Following calls from younger fans and parents, Original flavour Barbecue and Pizza will also be reintroduced to multi-packs.   

Original Pizza Shapes will be available nationally over the coming weeks.

Notes to editors:

  • In April 2016, some of Arnott’s Shapes biscuits were reformulated with stronger and bolder flavours that taste more like the flavour descriptor on the box. Top-sellers Original Barbecue, Chicken Crimpy and Savoury remained available alongside the new range.
  • The updated Shapes portfolio will now boast four Original favourites and six New flavours.

Original favourites:

Original Pizza 190g 300 x 240 plus 1 Original Barbecue 175g 300 x 240 Chicken Crimpy 175g 300 x 240Savoury 185g 300 x 240

 Original Pizza      Original Barbecue    Original Chicken Crimpy   Original Savoury

  • Alongside six New flavour variants:

          Barbecue, Pizza, Cheddar, Cheese and Bacon, Nacho Cheese, Roast Chicken

  • Since the launch, Arnott’s has been actively monitoring feedback and today announces the Shapes range of the future.
  • Original Pizza Shapes will hit supermarket shelves alongside the New Pizza variety from this week. Look for the black ‘Original flavour’ strip on-pack to distinguish between the Original and new flavours.
  • Pizza is the third most popular Shapes flavour after Barbecue and Chicken Crimpy. The Shapes Original range now contains Arnott’s top 3 selling flavours and iconic Savoury flavour.