Shapes Light & Crispy

It’s time to #GetCrispy

So good… even your conscience will love them

With summer approaching, we’re on the lookout for snacks that are better for us – without having to sacrifice taste. Luckily, this beach season, Arnott’s Shapes have given us a savoury snack you can feel good about with the introduction of NEW Shapes Light & Crispy; the big Shapes flavour hit on Shapes lightest biscuit yet!

These moreish little morsels are perfect for summer social occasions, or a tasty munch in front of the TV. Shapes Light & Crispy come in four unique flavours, ensuring there’s one to suit every flavour craving.


Tasty Cheddar & Chives

A delicious combination of savoury, sharp cheddar notes and aromatic fresh chive flavour on a crisp, light golden yellow baked biscuit.



 Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream

An upfront sweet chilli hit with mild heat, followed by a cooling sour cream flavour on a crisp, light golden red/orange baked biscuit.



Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt

A sweet/caramelised aromatic balsamic vinegar flavour which builds to a salty aftertaste on a crisp, light golden biscuit.



Honey BBQ Chicken

A sweet aromatic honey flavour, tangy BBQ sauce, fresh roast chicken, caramelised and mild onion/spice flavour on a crisp, light golden biscuit.



So, now you can enjoy that unique Shapes flavour-hit that you love, with a light and crispy texture and no artificial flavours or colours. Shapes Light & Crispy… so good, even your conscience will love them!


For further information please contact:

Nicole Thomson
Communications Manager
+61 (2)8767 7607

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