The Shapes Range

  • 128156B_910280989765_ARN_SOB_175g_3D_LR
  • 128156A_910280989766_ARN_SOP_190g_3D_LR
  • 128156F_910280989767_ARN_SOCC_175g_3D_LR
  • 128156E_910280989768_ARN_SOS_185g_3D_LR
  • 128156C_910280989771_ARN_SBB_175g_3D_LR
  • 128156D_910280989772_ARN_SBMP_190g_3D_LR
  • Cheddar 175g 300 x 240
  • Cheese and Bacon 180g 300 x 240
  • Nacho Cheese 160g 300 x 240
  • Roast Chicken 165g 300 x 240
  • Salt & Vinegar 190g 300 x 240
  • 127504E_910280989528_ARN SOPO_250g_LR
  • 127504F_910280989528_ARN SOBBQO_250g_LR
  • 127644A_910280989617_ARN SVM10P_250g_LR

Shapes Light & Crispy are oven baked for a thinner, crispier and lighter crunch.

  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy balsamic vinegar and sea salt
  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy honey barbecue chicken
  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy sweet chilli and sour cream
  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy tasty cheddar and chives
  • shapes_0715_light-crispy_sour-cream-chives_120g_175 x 200
  • shapes_0715_light-crispy_LCP-SCC_MPx8-160g_dlib-2D_175x200

Shapes Goes brings fun Under the Sea on tasty Cheddar flavoured biscuits! Perfect for lunchboxes, or on the go, the Shapes Goes range contains hidden fibre, are baked not fried, and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no added MSG.

  • Arnott's shapes goes under the sea

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