New Shapes FAQ:


Why did you change Shapes?

Thousands of people had contacted us complaining that Shapes didn’t have enough flavour. We looked into what the problem was and found there were two – the seasoning was falling off on the biscuit line and people’s perceptions of flavour had changed since Shapes launched 50 years ago.


Which original flavours are still available?

We’ve kept our two biggest sellers in their original format so you’ll find Original Barbecue and Chicken Crimpy on shelves next to the new range. We’ve also kept Savoury Shapes as we didn’t have many people contact us about Savoury!


Why didn’t you just add more of the original flavour?

Current Shapes were first launched in the 70s, the Aussie diet has changed enormously since then. People’s palates are now more tuned to spices and bold flavours – especially when it comes to snack foods. Before launching the new range, we tested the old flavours vs the new tweaked flavours with Shapes consumers and the majority told us they liked the new ones. 


Did you do market research before launching the new flavours?

Yes! Loads! We spoke to over 11,000 Aussies! For those wanting the technical info – we did extensive qualitative and quantitative research, including sensory testing and alienation testing with frequent Shapes consumers.


Who taste tested the new flavours?

A broad section of Aussies: teens, mums, men. People who identify as frequent Shapes consumers.


Is this a cost cutting move?

Not even close! In fact, we’ve invested heavily in developing the new Shapes and launching them to market. We built a whole new biscuit line which allows us to bake the flavour into the biscuits and apply it to both sides. 


Will you be bringing back the original range?

Ultimately, our consumers decide what we make by what they purchase. We believe these are the best Shapes we’ve ever made and can only ask people to try them before they make up their minds.


Where are the original flavours? I can’t find them?

Original Barbecue, Chicken Crimpy and Savoury are available next to the new variants on supermarket shelves. As of early May, we’re hearing some stores are out of stock but we’d like to assure you they’ll be back in the coming weeks.

The Shapes Range:


New and Improved: 

Fans this one is for you!  Tame your hunger with new and improved Shapes, now with more flavour.  Made on a crispy, crunchy oven-baked-not-fried biscuit base they’ll smash your cravings… you asked for more flavour Shapes lovers, so get a big flavour hit from the new and improved Shapes available in the biscuit aisle now.


Original Flavours: 

If change isn’t your thing and more intense flavour’s not for you, then Australia’s most loved variety Original Barbecue remains on shelf in its original packaging (look out for the Original Flavour marker on pack).  Also remaining in their current recipe are the much loved Chicken Crimpy and Savoury flavours (check out their new look packs).


Other Shapes Products:

For those looking for a lighter-style biscuit, Shapes offers the Light & Crispy range in an array of flavours, and for those younger fans Shapes Goes, designed with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, are an excellent option. 

New and Improved Shapes, and some of the classic Shapes favourites are available on shelves near you.

The Shapes Range

  • Barbecue 175g 300 x 240
  • Original Barbecue 175g 300 x 240
  • Cheddar 175g 300 x 240
  • Cheese and Bacon 180g 300 x 240
  • Roast Chicken 165g 300 x 240
  • Chicken Crimpy 175g 300 x 240
  • Pizza 190g 300 x 240
  • Savoury 185g 300 x 240
  • Nacho Cheese 160g 300 x 240
  • Hot Dog 190g 300 x 240
  • Salt & Vinegar 190g 300 x 240
  • PIZZA Multipack 250g png 300 x 392
  • BBQ Multipack 250g PNG 300 x 392
  • Shapes Variety Multipack Outer 250g PNG 300 x 392

Shapes Light & Crispy are oven baked for a thinner, crispier and lighter crunch.

  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy balsamic vinegar and sea salt
  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy honey barbecue chicken
  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy sweet chilli and sour cream
  • Arnott's shapes light and crispy tasty cheddar and chives
  • shapes_0715_light-crispy_sour-cream-chives_120g_175 x 200
  • shapes_0715_light-crispy_lime-cracked-pepper_120g_175x200
  • shapes_0715_light-crispy_LCP-SCC_MPx8-160g_dlib-2D_175x200

Shapes Goes brings fun Under the Sea on tasty Cheddar flavoured biscuits! Perfect for lunchboxes, or on the go, the Shapes Goes range contains hidden fibre, are baked not fried, and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no added MSG.

  • Arnott's shapes goes under the sea

Sometimes it is nice to enjoy a snack product that is a step up from the everyday and delivers a flavour that is ‘just for you’. Shapes Sensations offer a more adventurous adult flavour experience, with the combination of real & authentic ingredients on a crispy base.

  • Arnott's shapes sensations balsamic vinegar and sea salt
  • Shapes sensations caramelised onion and cheddar
  • Arnott's shapes sensations honey soy chicken
  • Arnott's shapes sensations roast garlic and parmesan

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