New Arnott's Cakes!

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NEW Arnott’s Cakes!

We’ve been creating an exciting new range of mini cakes inspired by some of Australia’s most loved and iconic biscuits; Mint Slice, Iced VoVo, Caramel Crowns and Monte Carlo!


Our delicious, new range of cakes is set to revitalise moments shared over tea time with these decadent, mouth-watering treats. From a gooey caramel centre, to coconut-sprinkled pink fondant, you’ll be proud to share Arnott’s Cakes with your friends and family any occasion…or you can simply keep them all to yourself!


So what are you waiting for? Get the girls around for a high tea, bring a packet over to your friends place for a cuppa, or wow everyone at the kids’ next birthday party – they’re the perfect size for the perfect treat! With Arnott’s Cakes, you can be proud to share them with just about anyone!