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Do Arnott’s biscuits contain trans fats?

Arnott’s identified trans fatty acids (TFAs) as an issue of importance more than 10 years ago and took action then to significantly reduce the level of TFAs in our biscuits by replacing partially hydrogenated animal fats with vegetable oils. According to a World Health Organisation report.  To promote cardiovascular health, diets should provide a very low intake of TFAs (hydrogenated oils and fats). This means an intake that is as low as possible. In practice, this implies an intake of less than 1% of daily energy intake.  We recently tested some of Arnott’s most popular biscuits and all fall well below the nutrition goal stated above (the majority indicated TFA levels of <0.1%, ie. not detectable within limits of the analysis). In fact, you would need to eat 40 Arnott’s Tim Tam biscuits to reach the maximum daily amount of TFAs recommended by the World Health Organisation!