BISCUIT or CHOCOLATE? Fans to decide

Arnott’s announces the launch of the biggest innovation in the history of Tim Tam – NEW! Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites will hit stores across the nation next week.

Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites are poppable bite-size pieces that give you a double hit of Tim Tam deliciousness. They’re an irresistible combination of crispy Tim Tam biscuit, chocolate cream or gooey caramel filling, smothered in a thick layer of Tim Tam chocolate. Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites are the perfect chocolate fix!

Available in three delicious flavours: Original, Gooey Caramel and Dark Chocolate, two bite-size pieces come wrapped as a twin-pack and filled into a multi-pack bag, convenient for sharing (if you can!), an after-meal treat, or an on-the-go chocolatey hit.

Are they a Biscuit or a Chocolate?

The question on everyone’s lips is: “Are Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites, in fact, a biscuit or a chocolate?”

Tim Tam is asking FANS to decide!

Susanna Polycarpou, Arnott’s Brand Director says “Tim Tam is the only chocolate biscuit that stirs emotion in Australians that’s beyond reason. Whilst Tim Tam is the Ultimate Chocolate Biscuit, New Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites are the Ultimate Chocolate Fix. So we’re encouraging fans to try the new product and are handing it over to them to decide by voting Biscuit or Chocolate!”

How to Vote

  1. Visit the Tim Tam Facebook page and join the debate.
  2. Cast your vote on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube using #teamchoc or #teambiscuit

Facebook fans will be able to request samples and be some of the first to try Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites. Tim Tam is giving away 1 MILLION bites in the first months of launch

Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites RRP1$3.99


Fun Facts

  • Arnott’s Tim Tam is Australia’s number 1 Chocolate Biscuit.
  • Almost 1 million packets of Arnott’s Tim Tam biscuits are sold in Australia each week
  •  The Tim Tam biscuit was named after the horse that won the Kentucky Derby in

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