The Shapes you love, only way more EXTREME

Arnott’s Shapes have kicked things up a notch with the launch of limited edition Shapes Extreme. Extreme is a range of bold, intense, in-your-face flavours, made on a biscuit base which delivers more crunch!

Feeling brave? Pick up a box at your own risk – this is the flavour-hit with attitude that will knock your socks off!



Extreme Chilli Charge: A flavour adventure so fierce, it beats jumping out of a speeding bullet train. Can you handle the intense chilli heat? Strong chilli flavour with tomato notes. Flavour builds on eating and lingers to aftertaste.



Extreme BBQ Ribs Blast: A flavour hit so big, it beats surfing a giant tidal wave! BBQ Ribs seasoning with sweet BBQ sauce and grilled meat notes. Flavour builds on eating and lingers to aftertaste.



Extreme Salt & Vinegar Smash: A flavour kick so thunderous, it beats riding a killer whale! Only available at Woolworths in Australia.  Intense salt & vinegar flavour, which builds on eating.


Extreme Peri Peri Chicken Slam: A flavour slam so intense, it beats body slamming a grizzly bear! Only available at
Coles in Australia from May 2015.  Spicy and instantly recognisable Peri Peri Chicken flavour which builds on eating.


To celebrate the launch of new Shapes Extreme, Shapes have partnered with a number of popular YouTube stars who know a thing or two about making life more epic. Check out DJ Ravine’s Extreme Remix of Beethoven’s Fur Elise at:

Join the guys from Nickehfilms as they perform some mad scooter tricks here:

And you can try your hand at delivering a ‘virtual flavour hit’ with Shapes Extreme mobile game which brings the Shapes Extreme ‘Shape-blower’ TVC to life.

Download on your mobile device using the following links:

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Shapes Brand Manager Niall Daly-Lennon says: “We know that there’s a huge appetite amongst our Shapes fans for new and intense flavours. With Shapes Extreme, we’re tapping into that want and not only creating a range of in-your-face flavours – but also a range of communications around the extreme experience which our fans can relate to.”


Shapes Extreme RRP $2.99*

*The RRP is a recommendation and there is no obligation to comply.